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How do I setup my GVO Autoresponder in A


Q.  How do I setup my GVO autoresponder in AYBN?


1. Login to GVO

2. Click on eResponder Link on the left

3. Click on Add Campaign

4. Give the Campaign a name like "AYBN" and a Description

5. Enter Your Email and Website Settings, your Company name and URL.

6. Save your Campaign

Note: Up to this point, this is like any other GVO eResponder setup

7. This is where there is a difference. Make sure you have the right Campaign selected on the top in the top right.

8. Click on the Forms Panel

9. Use the Create a Form so you can edit it later and since it will not be seen, this is a background submitter

10. Click on Create a Form

11. Give it a form name of AYBN

12. Choose Custom URL for the Thank you page, this is your redirect. Every time you add a person from inside AYBN using the submit buttons provided, this page is where you'll end up. I suggest you end up back where you started so you can add the next person to your list instead of having to renavigate yourself page to where you were, so enter this page

13. Also use this same entry for already subscribed so you will end up back at the same place is you already have them in your GVO list

14. Make sure you select FullName

15. Very Important - do NOT select Double Opt-in. The person you are adding has already opted in and may not understand why they are getting another message to opt-in. All you'd like to do is add them to your GVO mailing list.

16. Once created and saved, go back to display your forms list and look at the HTML code.

17. We need 2 pieces of information to tell the AYBN system which list and which user, look for an write down the FormID and the AffiliateName. We'll also need the Campaign name, which we called just "AYBN"

18. Logout of GVO

19. Login to your AYBN account, go to the settings panel

20. Enter your GVOCampaign Name as "AYBN" or whatever you entered it as, enter your GVO Username which is the same as your AffiliateName and enter your FormID number in the GVO FormID field. Click on Save Settings.

If you followed the steps properly, each time a lead is added to AYBN, you can login and go to the downline panel.  Use the submit buttons next to each person's name to add your leads to your GVO eResponder Campaign. Try to make sure you know which ones you've added so far so you don't add them more than once.

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