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How do I setup my keywords and phrases?


Q. I don't really understand what I'm supposed to enter in the keyword phrases fields.

A. There is a video to watch that explains this in detail. Keywords are simply things that people might type in on Google as a search to find your business or service. A phrase just makes things a little clearer. Go to google as an example, think of your business, what would you type in to find you if you were looking for something like what you offer. As you type, Google will start making suggestions. Note those down. Another way is to find a competitior or someone else who offers services like yours. See what words you would have to type in to find them again. Note those down. These are the keywords you'll want to use. To enter them into our systems, we require you separate the words with a plus + sign. So for example you want to use this keyword phrase "free online advertising" enter


with no spaces.

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