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What is AYBN exactly, detailed explanati


Can you please give me a detailed explanation on exactly what AYBN is and how it works?

AYBN is first and foremost an advertising site utilizing rotators and Google RSS blogfeeds to generate targeted organic leads. As a member, you enter your advertisement and enter some keywords that match the site you want to advertise. This generates specialized capture pages utilizing the keywords you've specified.

Upgraded members are advertised by the owner of the site. Non-upgraded members have something they can advertise themselves that's easy to sell, and has the RSS Blogfeeds at the bottom thereby picking up leads from organic searches they wouldn't otherwise get using other methods.

The main thing here is that AYBN has to be compared to Google Adwords. Everybody has spent 100s if not 1000s for maybe a few sales on Google Adwords. Here at AYBN, it's possible to get some of those leads for free and definitely as an upgraded member on the rotators or search engine.

While you may not see 1000s of leeads, you would not see 1000s from Google Adwords either. The quality of the lead is the big difference.

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