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Q. This may sound lame but I have a problem. I started sending out mailers advertising swat prospector thinking I was good to go. My mailings were effective and I now have about a dozen sign ups. When I logged into SwatProspector I realized  that I hadn't set up my autoresponder
I have been using TrafficWave for several months now but the letters I have been using were all pre-written campaigns that I just plugged everything in to.    Now I want to get set up with Swat as quickly as I can so I can plug in my referrals but I am not sure of the best way to go about it.   I started following the instructions and got my swat nickname (campaign) but I am confused as to what to do about confirmation, thank you,etc.
I did follow the instructions when I joined and I also joined GVO. Should I follow the instructions for GVO 1st and get my list plugged in there instead of using my TrafficWave account?

A. That's wonderful that you have gotten a number of good leads. Using Twave or GVO either one is fine. I think what you're saying is that the emails you have going out are not saying the right things. GVO can be setup without an opt-in email so I prefer it over Twave since I believe the member under you basically has already opted in. Since you have both, I'd be using GVO. Make sure when you create the webform you will be using, a very generic one is fine that you specify no opt-in. I do want to say though that I like Twave for their affiliate program. In the case of GVO, the redirect is already specified in the instructions. Since the add member facility inside SWAT prospector is is simply adding the member to GVO, and returning you to the page you started which is the downline page, the thank you page and all that is immaterial. As soon as that member is added to your GVO mailing list, whatever emails you have will go out as you have specified. Doc

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